Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to attend Camp Minted 2019?

All active, challenge-winning artists are eligible to attend Camp Minted 2019. Unless you are a YK artist or Camp Minted 2018 Award Winner, you must register via Eventbrite in order to attend.

When does registration open for Camp Minted 2019?

Registration will open on Thursday, April 11 at 10am PDT. Registration is first-come, first-served, and we will have a cap on the total number of attendees. You must register via the Eventbrite link below in order to attend unless you are a YK artist or Camp Minted 2018 Award Winner and have already been contacted.

To register, please visit and enter the password in your registration email. Registration will close on Sunday, May 12 at 5pm PDT.

What is the conference fee? What does it cover?

To help fund conference expenses, we will charge a modest conference fee of $150 for all artists who are not receiving a stipend or prize to attend. This fee will cover complimentary workshop programming and materials, food and beverage (during the conference), and social events for all attendees.

Can I go to Camp Minted if I haven’t registered?

You must register for Camp Minted to attend the retreat. Registration will open on Thursday, April 11 at 10am PDT.

Do I still have to register if I applied to teach a workshop or lead a session at Camp Minted?

Yes! Even if you have applied to lead a session, you must register for Camp Minted 2019.

If your session proposal is approved, we will reimburse you for your travel (up to $350 for U.S.- and Canada-based artists), cover two nights of hotel at the JW Marriott Las Vegas (Monday, July 29–Wednesday, July 31), and refund your conference fee.

Can I still apply to teach or lead a session at Camp Minted?

Unfortunately, the deadline for artists to submit session proposals was March 29, 2019. In order to teach at Camp Minted, you must be an active artist who has won at least one Minted Challenge.

If you applied to teach and should your session be approved, we will offer you a travel stipend (up to $350 for U.S.- and Canada-based artists), cover two nights of hotel at the JW Marriott Las Vegas (Monday, July 29–Wednesday, July 31), and waive your conference fee to compensate you for your effort.

What happens if I try to register and there are no more seats? Will you have a waitlist?

At this time we do not anticipate opening up additional seats for Camp Minted, but should any become available we will consider individuals on the waitlist.  If there are no more seats available, please fill out the registration form to be added to the waitlist.

I purchased a ticket but cannot make it to the conference anymore. Can I receive a refund?

Yes, you may submit a refund request via Eventbrite and will receive a full refund if you do so before May 31, 2019. After this date, we will not be able to refund you.

When does the programming begin and end?

As of now, scheduled programming will begin at noon on Monday, July 29, and end around noon on Wednesday, July 31.

What is the agenda for Camp Minted 2019? When will it be confirmed?

We are working closely with a volunteer group of Minted artists to plan the programming and social activities. Minted artists have been invited to submit proposals to teach creative skills workshops (art, design, and more), as well as brand-building sessions. We’ll announce more details and specific speakers soon, so stay tuned!

Will you record Camp Minted sessions for the broader community?

We are still investigating technical capabilities at the venue, but we hope to record as many sessions as possible to share with the broader community. Please stay tuned for updates.

What is the Minted group room rate at the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa?

Minted has secured a special room rate of $119 a night, plus a $17.99 daily resort fee and taxes. Once you register for Camp Minted, you will receive a link to book your hotel room directly with the JW Marriott using this discounted rate. Please wait until you have registered for the conference before booking your hotel. You are welcome to book additional nights at the hotel when you make your reservation, but we cannot guarantee our discounted rate beyond the two nights of the retreat.

Please note: If you have qualified for a travel stipend, Minted will cover your hotel for two nights during the conference (Monday, July 29 - Wednesday, July 31). You will still be required to book your own hotel room directly with the JW Marriott and enter your payment information, but you will only be charged for incidentals or if you would like to stay additional nights.

Can I bring a plus-one? Even if they pay for meals?

The retreat is dedicated time to connect with fellow Minted artists. Minted-provided food and beverages, programming and events will be reserved for confirmed Minted artists only. Non-Minted artists are not able to attend.

If I received the travel stipend, can I share my room with a confirmed artist who is paying their own way?

You’re welcome to share the hotel room provided through your complimentary travel stipend with another attending artist. However, we ask that you coordinate this amongst yourselves.

If I received a travel stipend, when will my airfare be reimbursed?

We will process airfare reimbursements for artists receiving a travel stipend via an airfare reimbursement form, which we will share via email soon. Please follow these instructions to ensure that your payment information in your Minted profile is up to date.

How should I prepare for the retreat? What is the dress code for the retreat?

We will update this website with more information on what to bring and how to prepare for the retreat at a later date. Please check back.

Where can I view photos of Camp Minted 2018?

Here on the Minted blog, Julep: “Nearly 200 artists lit a ‘collective fire’ at Camp Minted 2018”.

Have other questions?

Please contact Minted's Artist Relations team for all other questions related to Camp Minted by emailing us at